Orlando 2019

  • Post by AskChoy
  • Feb 27, 2021

Our Orlando Trip to the Land of Mickey Mouse

So I was flipping through NetFlix and I saw one of my favorite understated movies, John Carter. And the movie is filled with joy of the story even though I’m not sure if Taylor Kitsch is the right person to play him. Andrew Stanton, of Wall-E and Finding Nemo, created a story of a man looking for a purpose and finding love again.

That leads into my writeup for today’s blog. Our trip in April 2019 to the place where dreams happens to young and old alike.

To the land of Mickey Mouse and the land of make belief.

It started with the plan while we were in the air…

View From Hilton at Disney Springs This is the view from our hotel room.

Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World

Be Our Guest Having lunch at Be Our Guest.

Tigger at Crystal Palace Tigger is my friend at Crystal Palace.

Eeyore for MeeGee Eeyore loves MeeGee at Crystal Palace.

Animal Kingdom

Avatar Ride Standing in the rain.

Avatar Ride Trees at Avatar ride.

Avatar Ride More trees.

Avatar Ride The line. 180+ minutes long.

Avatar Ride These books are real!

Avatar Ride Avatar Ride An Avatar.

Safari Ride Hippo at the Safari.

EPCOT Center, Walt Disney World

Garden show 2019 This year’s Garden show at EPCOT

Mickey and Minnie Mickey and Minnie

Elsa and Anna Elsa and Anna

Butterfly House Butterfly house

Mission to Space Warning, if you see this suit. You are at the mission to Mars ride. It is not advisable to have too much in your tummy before riding this. Especially the extreme version. you have been warned.


Manatee business A Sea Cow. A Manatee! Very large…

Exhausted All of us, except for the camera person. All except Shawn who looks bored here. We were waiting for a 3D show.

Shamu Show Shamu Show The conclusion to our fun trip to Orlando. Seaworld at Shamu Show.