Fixing This KitchenAid Problem F2E0

  • Post by AskChoy
  • Mar 24, 2021

When we got back from an extended trip, our new KitchenAid Microwave/Oven gave this error:

PRESS CANCEL-RESET Err F2E0 Keyboard Disconnect

Initial web searches told me to contact KitchenAid for service. So I did. I started with KitchenAid direct 1-800 number, waited, and finally got to a person. She looked at my serial number, model, and then determined it was “extended warranty”. Another department. So she transferred me to that department. I waited for about 1.5 hours before I had to stop (it was interfering with work calls).

The microwave/oven was installed with new home, and it was over a year old. So I had purchased an Extended 3 year warranty from them.

So I tried again that afternoon, for 2 more times. I figured out that extended warranty had another 1-800 number, it was on another web page. Also figured out it was managed by “AIG Insurance”. After a total of 2-3 hours waiting on the phone. I decided to search harder.

There were another hint that a reset could be a solution, they recommend unplugging (unplugging, no, this was built into the wall cabinets) or turning off/on the circuit breaker. So I did that. SUCCESS

If you see that error message on your expensive KitchenAid microwave. Do what I finally figured out. Reboot. But that $200+ on extended warranty was useless because I couldn’t get a hold of an actual customer representative. I almost went to a 3rd party ($300 service call).

Why KitchenAid? You could have hosted 1 FAQ page for these particular types of microwave/ovens. And 1 page like this, minus the rant, could have saved a homeowner 3+ hours of grief, and no microwave for a whole day.

My future appliance purchase will probably not be a Whirlpool or KitchenAid brand. I do care about customer service, when your appliance is broke, you really need help.