Things to Say or Not Say to Kids

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  • Sep 04, 2023

Things to Say or Not Say to Kids

Saying ‘No’ To Your Child!

What not to do if the child emits problem behavior when told ‘no’

  • Do NOT Give your child what s/he wants
  • Do NOT Negotiate with your child
  • Do NOT Offer other items
  • Do NOT Attend to the problem behavior

If you are doing any of these things, your child will likely continue to react negatively when told ‘no.’

What to do when your child does not obey the ‘no’

  • Do Practice! Practice! Practice!
  • Do Begin with less preferred items/activities and when the child asks for it, say “no”

5 phrases I never say

Article on Raising Successful Kids originally titled: “I’m a neuroscientist and mom - 5 phrases I never say to raise smart and emotionally intelligent kids” by Caroline Leaf @DrCarolineLeaf published July 30 2023